“Beyond the Savanna” Raises Awareness For Lions

Local Author Maryann Martinsen Celebrates Her Novel’s Launch

(November 12, 2018) It’s not just global warming that’s wiping out animals on our planet, it’s poachers, too. The lion population is down 43-percent in the past two decades.

That’s according to the African Wildlife Foundation. And, it’s one of the facts that captivated Salt Lake City author Maryann Martinsen as she researched her novel.

“One of the most important things I learned while I was writing Beyond the Savanna, was that poaching is a real problem in Africa,” says Martinsen. “There is a real threat that in our lifetime, the most iconic animals on our planet could end up wiped out, and I want to raise awareness. I’m like (my character) Hannah that way.”

That’s the passion behind Martinsen’s writing Beyond the Savanna. Martinsen created nineteen-year old Hannah to fight the poachers in her native Africa, after one of them kills a lioness. Hannah adopts the lioness’ cub, naming him Yatima (yuh-TEE-muh). She boldly embraces her wild life, even after her friends warn her to be careful.

Headstrong, Hannah goes up against the poachers, and ends up fleeing to a life near the Wasatch Mountains. There, she journeys to her true destiny, finding love along the way.

For Martinsen, who lives near the Wasatch Mountains for real, it took fifteen years to write this story. Along the way, she worked as a hair stylist, and raised three children with her husband Glen. But, two days before Christmas in 2010, she received a cancer diagnosis. She quit her job, and devoted her time, around radiation and doctor visits, to finish Beyond the Savanna. Martinsen also beat the cancer.

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She spent hundreds of hours researching her novel, but Maryann doesn’t consider herself an expert on the subject of poaching. Nor is she the authority on the many ways that animals are subjugated, tortured, murdered and otherwise treated as property in today’s world. What she is, is aware, learning more everyday and willing to speak out. Even though it may not always feel natural to her and she generally prefers to speak through her writing. Despite her tongue tying fear, Maryann’s sympathetic heart and authentic passion make her the best kind of spokesperson.

When it comes to choosing a novel to spotlight in today’s crowded digital market, there are endless choices. But great stories with a timely message are much harder to come by. Beyond the Savanna features both. If you’re in the market for just-the-right-story to feature over the holidays, journey Beyond the Savanna.

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Maryann’s real talent is telling the brutal truth from a quiet and loving place. She wraps her message in an inspiring tale allowing you absorb the harsh realities without feeling trapped in an elaborate PSA.

It’s this combination that makes her a natural spokesperson for animal rights. In Maryann’s wildest imagination, Beyond the Savanna would not only be the vehicle to her own success, but that just-the-right-thing someone out there needed to hear, an added voice in the rising chorus for the innocent—a light in the dark.

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