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Customer Testimonials

Ravyn Smith

“This book was by far the best book I’ve ever read… I do not just say this because I love Maryann but because she has an amazing talent for writing. So many different perspectives in one book all came from ONE person. It is an incredible read. It is full of so many different emotions. 1,000,000 thumbs up!”

Cory Peterson

“I thoroughly enjoyed Beyond the Savanna. Interestingly plotted and filled with well-developed and believable characters that I came to actually care about. Well-paced and meticulously crafted, I could tell the author was enjoying the experience of unraveling her story. Beyond the Savanna is a great debut novel from someone with real talent. Looking forward to her next publication!”


“What a beautiful story! I loved following Hannah and her incredible coming of age from a young girl raised in Kenya with a smart mouth to a grown woman juggling a new life in America, love and healing a broken spirit…If you love nature and feel we are all one on this Earth, this story will resonate with you!”

Amazon Review

“I’ve read books with romance and suspense, but this book is much, much more. I am proud to put this on my list of favorite books along with other works by such authors as Barbara Kingsolver, Jeanette Walls and Sue Monk Kidd.”

AFH Books

“Martinsen captures all the beauty, cruelty and magical drama of nature, along with the sights, sounds and smells of the savanna. Her narrative paints scenes where the characters come alive and the action moves quickly from page to page.”

Deseret News

“Hannah’s relationship with Yatima, her lion, is truly touching and one of the best things about the entire book.  Hannah’s growth as a character is the book’s shining and redeeming triumph. She starts as a stubborn and naïve girl, but as she navigates her way through grief and guilt, she becomes more mature and resolute.”